Freedom Treatment Center

provides a safe and comfortable environment for you to experience one of the most successful drug and alcohol treatment programs in the country.

Drug rehab counseling helps clients overcome their addiction


Our drug rehab program features counseling sessions and therapy that teaches clients new life skills and strategies to stop using, start living a sober life, and prevent relapse.

Freedom Treatment Center has comfortable accommodations for your recovery time.

The Center

The peaceful and relaxing accommodations at Freedom Treatment Center help you focus your full energy on your biggest mission – recovery.

Freedom Treatment Center provides clients the chance to learn new life skills that enhance their odds of recovery.


Recovery is about more than quitting drugs or alcohol- it’s also about learning new life skills that give you a better chance at long-term sobriety.

Sauna detox helps rid the body of harmful drug metabolites and cravings.

Sauna Detox

Sauna detox helps remove harmful drug metabolites and toxins from your body, allowing you to cleanse your system and focus on recovery.

Non 12 Step For Higher Success

Welcome to Freedom Treatment Center where recovery from drugs and alcohol is our first and only priority.  We feel that our unique residential setting away from the stresses of everyday life allow you the best possible chance for overall success and lifelong recovery. Our non 12 step approach allows the majority of our graduates to go on to live happy healthy lives, free from the need to use drugs or alcohol.

Our program is designed to handle many of the common barriers to sobriety.  At Freedom Treatment Center we do not view addiction as a disease from which one can never recover.  Instead we focus on the underlying issues which resulted in drug use.  Cravings are another major barrier to a successful recovery.  Our unique sauna detoxification in not available anywhere else.  It is specifically designed to help reduce cravings by using exercise and nutrition to help remove any residues from the body.

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Freedom Treatment Center in Albion, MI

Our Drug Rehab Facility

Freedom Treatment Center provides a safe, comfortable environment for recovery. You will find clean and comfortable accommodations on our relaxing grounds. You will get the rest you so desperately need to recover. We work with you to make sure that you have the resources, the time, and the comfort that you need to begin a new life – without drugs and alcohol.

Our drug and alcohol rehab center is nestled in a quiet, semi-residential area. The 58,000 square foot building rests on 10 acres, and is surrounded by large oak trees. The back of the property is wooded and peaceful. Deer can often be seen grazing, and there is plenty of space for walking and quiet reflection. Peace and tranquility help you achieve sobriety and our extensive learning programs help provide the tools you need to stay sober. Our team of treatment professionals provide the care and support you need.

Our staff works 24 hours a day to care for patients throughout their stay. From detox to recovery and life skill training, we ensure the safety and health of patients that enter our drug rehab facility. Recovery is not easy, and we know that. Our dedicated team works hard to make your stay as comfortable and productive as possible.

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Life Skills & Learning

While learning life skills you will enjoy the casual classroom environments excellent for learning. Our addiction treatment center has an on-site work-out facility to get your body healthy and fit. You may also enjoy recreational sports such as volleyball, basketball, pool and swimming.

Living at a relaxing and enjoyable drug rehab facility helps in the addiction treatment process. Enjoy your stay as you begin your journey to sobriety with our experienced, caring counselors.

Our Addiction Treatment Program

The Freedom Treatment Center program doesn’t refer to people addicted to drugs and alcohol as addicts. Instead we view them as students, people learning to live without substance abuse.

Our addiction treatment program is designed to enable graduates to get back into their life on their own. The program focuses on teaching students to live ethical lives free of their addiction, and become contributing citizens.

Effects of Alcohol Abuse (infographic)

Effects of Alcohol Abuse from Freedom Treatment Center
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Mother and Daughter Celebrate Recovery

Your child can find freedom from addiction with the help of our program.

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